Webb-Mitchell 韦伯-米切尔


Director of Education at the Tianjin Grand Theatre

Andrew Webb-Mitchell has been appointed Director of Education at the Tianjin Grand Theatre, China. He will begin the post with immediate effect and will oversee the development of the Tianjin Grand Theatre Academy of Music, creating meaningful learning and participation opportunities for the entire Tianjin community.

Tianjin Grand Theatre is the main construction of the Tianjin Cultural Centre, which is due to open later this month. The Tianjin Cultural Centre is located in the landmark district of the city and close to the city hall of Tianjin Municipal Government. The Tianjin Cultural Centre covers a total area of about 90 hectares and is made up of the Tianjin Grand Theatre, the Tianjin Museum, the Tianjin Natural History Museum, the Tianjin Library, the Tianjin Art Gallery, the Tianjin Youth Activity Centre, Shopping Centre and the city’s underground traffic hub.

Tianjin Grand Theatre consists of a 1600 seat Opera House, a 1200 seat Concert Hall, a 400 seat Playhouse and a 400 seat Recital Hall.

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