Andrew Webb-Mitchell


Review by Matthew Robert-Walker, Musical Opinion Magazine

“An impressive work of Mahlerian dimensions. Mention of Mahler brings Das Lied von der Erde to mind in a symphonic cycle for two singers and orchestra
lasting just over an hour. The ‘compact’ nature of our comments precludes a detailed review of a work that is enormously impressive: the musical language stems from ‘traditional’ modes of expression, which have exited the imagination of this listener. The songs are varied in subject-matter, but have an underlying linking thread: WebbMitchell (born 1970) is based in China, where he has taught for several years; his competence as an orchestrator is faultless, over-ridden by his genuine creative gifts. Imagine, if you will, a latter-day Tippett at the outset of his career: it is that good.”

Matthew Robert-Walker, Musical Opinion Magazine


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